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Putty Road Surface Condition Report

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Hi Guys,

I was fortunate enough yesterday to have a great run down the Putty Road from Mount Thorley to Windsor with my wife in our 4C Spider.

I am pleased to report that the resurfacing work is complete, the white lines have been painted back on and most of the loose stones have been swept up.

I have to give credit to the guys and gals that have done the resurfacing - instead of using those coarse loose stones that's dual purpose in life is to chip paint (and windscreens) plus upending motorbikes mid-corner, they have gone for the very smooth, very grippy, sprayed-on dark level surface. This surface is adored by the 4C and where they have sprayed it, you are able to push the 4C around the corners really well and feel exactly how much grip is available.

A word of caution for anyone heading that way if it is raining. That same fresh surface will be a touch slippery for a little while 'til the road "beds-in" fully.

The only moving road-block was an L plater in a ute - we all have to learn some-time, so they didn't get any hassle from the 4C sitting behind them. I followed patiently through the northern twisty section with the double-white solid centre-lines for over 5km, and had a chance to take in the view for a change - it's quite pretty through there. I also got to see what it is like to go around every corner at the recommended speed posted on the yellow signs - it's a very over-rated pastime & I can thoroughly recommend that you don't try it in a 4C if you have the option.

Following the learner (at 50-70 in the 80 zone) for so long meant that when I did get to the over-taking lane that the road ahead was clear for the rest of the run to Windsor. A full throttle upshift whilst passing the ute, signalled my admiration (for the "driver" in the passenger seat doing the instructing) for not using one of the ten opportunities to pull over that we had passed with me stuck behind them was really appreciated. How hard would it have been to pull-off to the side of the road out of the way for three seconds to let me by? Nah - why bother when you can hold someone up for an extra 10 minutes?

Lots of fun was had on the rest of the road and no more moving road-blocks came into view until Ebenezer :love:

A couple of Goanna's sunning themselves on the hot tarmac got a bit of a surprise when the pops and bangs of a downshifting Alfa came into earshot and a Competizione Rosso 4C came flying around the corner, shooting past them and off into the distance.

One other thing to note, the Grey Gums Cafe was closed - I don't think there is enough mid-week traffic to make it worth their while opening.


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No fun in that @Alfanut
Have received my final notice of payment for that famous infringement which is due on 27th March.
Gonna be a lonely autumn for the 4c.馃槱
All good just in time for winter which is best part of year for our turbos and a clean slate on my licence.
Dwelling on the fact it takes 3 years and 4 months
To get points back is an absolute joke.
Just the way the government likes it I suppose.
Let it rest Marc, the best part of the year is coming WINTER!!! I love it, crisp cool air 17 degrees and blue skys!!! Cant wait!!
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Many of the potholes have been filled since last Monday although there are still a few to dodge. Did another Putty run today with the AROCA group but this time in the 鈥楽ud. It is possible to have fun with 60bhp and 850kg, though it鈥檚 fun of a different kind to the 4C鈥n even rawer, more basic experience still. Lowact was again in attendance to wave the 4C flag.
They old classy lady (Your SUD) looks great!
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Went for Quickie with the 4c & my sons GTV to Colo Cafe, road is pretty good to that point. We went approx 3pm no one on the road.
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You should have given me a call. I was out giving the new tyres a run around that time.
Ah, it was a last minute thing. Next time will do.
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That Grey 812 Superfast is a friend of mine, Not my colour I would have gone the deeper Red rather than the Grey. Either way nice but a very expensive car.
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Does he have a Novitek exhaust or some other aftermarket job because it absolutely screamed? It made me look. 馃憣馃榿
Yes the crazy bastard put some expensive exhaust on it, I heard it screams its head off!
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Saw and heard the grey super fast a couple of weeks ago on old Windsor road. Can鈥檛 be more than one around surely. While sticking to the limits and driving carefully he still managed to run it out in the low gear(s) and it sounded magnificent 馃憣
Yep thats him, on the way to or from work.
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