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Rear hood question

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Hi folks! I just recently noticed this and was wondering if others have experienced something similar? Please take a look at the pictures. The driver side doesn’t close as tight as the passenger side. Car has under 5500 miles and hasn’t been in an accident (to my knowledge as I’m the second owner) Any thoughts on this? Thanks everyone, I appreciate you!
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Part of the beauty of a hand-built car. It is my understanding that as you remove and reattach the panels, you are able to adjust them somewhat to align them a little better if you want to.
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I believe the rear hood has two plastic adjusters on the inside which allow you to the alignment of the hood with respect to the other panels
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I can picture a Ferrari mechanic when posed with this body fit and finish question, like an Italian Chef, palms up, fingers pinched, lifting his hands in front of him (bent elbows) saying, "It's a Ferrari, what more can you possibly want?" In reality, I would hope that is somehow adjustable.
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Thanks folks for the tips and laughs :D
I’m on mission to get this right!
There is another thread on this as well. I had a similar issue. Thanks to the forum, I was able to get it aligned better.

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I had a similar issue with my Spyder. I tried using the levelers at either side to adjust the height, only to find one of the rivet holding the leveler in place was broken. I put a new rivet in and the leveler works as it should.
Simply twist the leveler in either direction to raise or lower the trunk level with adjacent panels.
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