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Winter testing

Autocar said:
This is the car that Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne wants to resurrect Alfa Romeo with, and to relaunch the brand in the US later this year.

The new 4C will go on sale during the second half of this year and is charged with starting the task of increasing Alfa Romeo’s global presence. Although sales are likely to be fairly low – Fiat plans 2500 4Cs a year – it will provide the brand with a halo car that will hopefully be more visible than the 8C.

The rear-wheel drive coupé is mid-engined, with a 1742cc (likely to be badged as 1750, in keeping with Alfa’s heritage) turbocharged four cylinder producing over 300bhp.

The 4C is built on a bespoke carbonfibre and aluminium frame, which helps to keep the car’s weight down to under 1000kg. Although expensive to engineer and produce, the shell will find its way into other Fiat group products, potentially a new, small Maserati. Maserati is building the car for Alfa Romeo at a facility in Modena.

The production 4C will be unveiled at the Geneva show in March, and production will begin in May.
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