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Removal Side scoop Carbon fiber drivers side - WARNINGS - DONE !!!!

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Following some directions and good info on double sided tape I decided to remove the side scoop to re-attach it. In the process discovered some things you need to be aware of or you will certainly have trouble and may wreck the attachment points . In the pictures of the inside of the scoop you can see four studs on the top edge - the two on the outsides have washers and 6mm nuts on them inside the car panel and if these have let go all that is holding it on is the tape. IF not and you pry it off you will pull the nuts through the fiberglass and crack it all to hell. Mine had let go and only in trying to remove them did I figure out they were bolted on. The middle two are not but I suppose they could have been!
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Added seal along the top with black silicone - will stop water and dust getting down in the tape and may provide a little extra retention = not too hard but smooth it with a wet finger and clean edges with paper towel and alcohol as it will stick everywhere and smear your paint.
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The clip on the front side has to go over the side of the opening and the opening into the vent clips over the inner vent pipe on the car and both have to be put on and in place before you slide the studs through the panel holes. As usual removal of the tape from the car and the scoop is a pain in the ass but with some scraping and GOO BE GONE it will eventually come off. It will be hard to line everything up and get it into place on the vent tubing and the front of the panel opening and then put the 4 studs through the panel. I think I will put the double sided tape on the scoop and leave the plastic over the glue on till it is where it should be then try and peel it off and push into place cause sure as anything if I take it off first it will stick to the car in the wrong spot. It did have tape all around the outside but was not stuck across the bottom when I removed it.

This is the outlet for the inner vent tube that the clips on the scoop have to be mounted on .
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So the scoop has to be mounted front to back and slid over this pipe and then the clip on the front over the edge of the opening in the panel - then you can uncover the tape and push it onto the car and the stud through the holes around the edge. Then you take off or loosen the panel on the underside and reach up to put the washers and nuts back on the front and back studs to tighten it into the car but not too tight or you will pull the glued on studs off.
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It is not an easy job and like everything else on the Alfa takes time and some forethought. Me I had the time but not knowing what was there - mistakes were made. Will let you know how reinstall goes but I bet the combination of things that all have to come together before the tape actually makes contact with the car will be a pain.

So I put the double sided tape on the intake scoop and folded the ends out over the sides so I could put it in place and not stick all over the place. It is tough to get it back into the vent pipe and you have to push the bracket that goes inside the panel at the front with a plastic panel removal stick or a spatula or something that won't scratch the paint. It bend back about 1/2 and inch and clicks in.
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NOW the bad news. Both studs that I epoxied back on to the back intending to put the 6mm nuts back on broked off - when pulling the backing tape off the double sided tape it tore where it was cut out around the studs and I had to pry the scoop away from the panel to get at the end to finish peeling it off. It is folded back on itself but it peels off pretty easily but you have to go slow and not pull too hard and if it catches it will rip. All said and done it is back on and taped all the way around unlike when I took it off.
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Looks good = may take someones suggestion and seal the top gap with black silicone if I can get it on without making more mess than it is worth and to be honest this was worse than installing my KN coilovers :oops:

Put a bead of black silicone over the upper edge to seal it and keep water off the tape and hopefully not affect the adhesion - may even add to the retention.
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Good info, thank you for sharing!
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Good information.

i think you can loosen up the vent pipe by removing some mounting bolts. I vaguely remember trying to remove that vent pipe for some reason way back when.

once you reconnect the air inlet to the vent pipe with more mobility, you should be able to rebolt the vent pipe to the subframe (or brackets… forgot what it bolts to).
So the job ended with a cup of tea and a bottle of wine? 😁

Nice job BTW.
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why do this?
His scoop was pulling away from the car:

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