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Sagging Halo - worth pursuing?

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Well aware this is a common issue but would be great to get input from the members here.

My '18 Spider has the common sagging under-halo plastic piece - though it's certainly not as severe as some owner's have shown and posted about, but it's definitely noticeable if you know to look:

Car Grille Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive lighting

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Grille Automotive lighting Hood

It was noticeable enough for my Alfa dealer to take it up with Alfa Romeo corporate and order me a new piece under warranty. Here's where things get interesting...after waiting some months a replacement piece finally arrived from Italy. I made the hour and a half trek to have it fitted...only for the new piece to be exactly the same! The dealership was lost for words - they couldn't fathom how it was designed without any central anchor points to give support.

They took back the new piece and very kindly ordered two more direct from Alfa. The new pieces came in today and comparing them side-by-side they are all identical and sagging in the middle!

At this point I have no clue what to do - besides leaving it as is or asking the dealer if they'll just give me one of the pieces in case mine gets worse. They said they had 2 other 4C's in since mine, and both had the same gap there. Can other members chime in - let me know what you think?

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Options: Go with a mechanical fastener, such as a biscuit (such as the one shown). Nothing a Dremel and some biscuits can't fix.

Rectangle Composite material Jewellery Gas Font

But if there is no real reason to avoid adhesives, given that adhesives are now stronger than mechanical fasteners in many automotive applications, I can't see why you won't choose that route.

And, it's a bit of a catch-22 for drawing conclusions about the manufacturer. A fix as simple as this exists at the owner level and the dealer level. I suspect many just identify the issue, use adhesive and move on, filtering out the noise from the manufacturers.

(But, even if all these issues float up to Alfa in Italy, do we think Alfa is making all these parts and/or updating these pieces with their suppliers? That'd be a no.)
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