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2014 Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition.
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I ordered this tool after getting CEL and being locked out of Dynamic, etc.

I cleared the code on my own (scanner not here yet), by disconnecting my battery, cleaning the terminals and reattaching after five minutes. I found this info on the forum from my car before I even got home. I was so pissed that I needed info ASAP.

Thanks for posting the exact model. It's comforting to see 4C listed as a supported vehicle.

Are you pleased with your Foxwell scanner Philster?

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2015 4C Launch Edition
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I also have the same Foxwell great for me too. It is car specific so when you get it make sure it is the one for the 4C. You can add additional cars for about $60 each up to around 6 total cars. I added my Ford van and sooner or later will add my wife's GMC Acadia Denali. I also have Torque Pro on my Android cell phone and with an inexpensive Blue Tooth OBDII reader you can do a lot also....I used it to clear a code once before I had the Foxwell. But the Foxwell has a lot of ALFA 4C specific things it can read.

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I cannot seem to find the Foxwell NT510 for Alfa Romeo on Amazon anymore. There is one with description for BMW, or a 301 model that is “universal”, and a few versions of NT630 Plus (that look different from oneanother for some reason), but I’m not sure if any of these will address our car as well as the one mentioned in this thread.

My Innova one reads the codes, and erased two of the three codes but will not clear the last one. Disconnecting the battery only resulted in losing the radio stations - no joy on the code on my ability to clear that last one (they were all the same code, too!).

Going to try myOBDLink but not expecting much from that...

Input welcome.


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I'm going to buy the Multiecuscan (for service clearing mainly)...
Below are the troubleshooting/adjustements/clearing it can do..

Supported functions:
|INFO| - Identification data reading is supported on the module
|DTC| - Error codes reading and clearing is supported on the module
|DTC EX| - Error code details reading is supported on the module
|PRM| - Parameter reading is supported on the module
|ACT| - Actuator functions are supported on the module
|ADJ| - Adjustment procedures are supported on the module

KL - KKL/VagCom/OBDKey interface
ELM - ELM 327 v1.3+/OBDLink/OBDKey interface

A1 - ADAPTER CABLE 1 (green)
A2 - ADAPTER CABLE 2 (red)
A3 - ADAPTER CABLE 3 (yellow)
A4 - ADAPTER CABLE 4 (purple)
A5 - ADAPTER CABLE 5 (blue)
A6 - ADAPTER CABLE 6 (gray)

P1 - Pin 1 (for interfaces with pin switch)
P3 - Pin 3 (for interfaces with pin switch)
P9 - Pin 9 (for interfaces with pin switch)
P12 - Pin 12 (for interfaces with pin switch)
P13 - Pin 13 (for interfaces with pin switch

Alfa 4C system:

Bosch Motronic MeD17.3.3 CF6/EOBD Injection (1750 TBi) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| ELM
Continental Airbag MY15 |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM| ELM A3
Service Interval Reset MTA |INFO|DTC|PRM|ADJ| ELM A3
Body Computer Delphi (960) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| ELM A3
CAN Setup / PROXI Alignment Procedure |INFO|ADJ| ELM A3
Parking control Valeo |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ADJ| ELM A3
Tire Pressure Control (TPMS) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| ELM A3

Kind regards

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OBDLiink shows me way more detail - I hadn’t delved into this tool before, but it’s really cool.

However, it tells me that the one code which will not be erased is “permanent”.
Not sure what that means to me, but it appears that I’ve turned the MIL off for now. We’ll see what happens. The bigger hope is that the codes don’t come back (highly likely they will).

Meanwhile, I suspect I will have to get the dealership to clear the one code.
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