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Sold - 2018 4C Spider for sale, highly optioned

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Sold for $67000

I’m offering my 2018 Alfa 4C spider for sale. It’s the most fun street car I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, right now I rarely get to drive it, and that won’t change for quite some time. We just signed to buy a lot, and I’ve decided to sell the car to help fund the lot purchase and the eventual build of our next home. Title in hand.

The car is a very high spec 2018 4C spider with 16k miles. The car is offered at $67,000, and the MSRP of this car is $85,745.

The car is painted Rosso Competizione and has the microfiber seats and 5 hole teledial wheels. It has the carbon halo, carbon interior, carbon hood vents, and carbon Italian flag mirrors. It has the akrapovic exhaust, cruise/park beepers, alpine stereo, and red painted brake calipers. All scheduled service is up to date including bolt tightening. I’m an aircraft engineer by trade so I’m rather meticulous with proper service. The car was always garaged on summer tires and was stored in the winter - it was a pleasure vehicle driven in fair weather.

I purchased the car brand new through a non-Alfa exotic and race car dealership and have had them do most of the servicing as I know the local Ferrari/Alfa/Maserati shop and preferred these technicians. I have all purchasing details and service records.

I’ve attached a few photos from my time with the car, and current photos are posted below. If someone is interested in seeing more, I can always send specific photos and/or do a live video tour.

Known blemishes:
-The car has a curb scrub on the corner of one of the rear wheels. That was recent, and I’m happy to order you a replacement wheel if you purchase the car.
-When looking from below the car, the bottom of the front bumper cover chin has a scuff. Again I can have it repaired for a new owner, but I figured in my area that it would eventually just get scraped again.
-The windshield has no large cracks but has some pitting from our roads. I haven’t inspected yet but I will probably also find a rock chip or two that caught the paint in an odd spot or penetrated the clearbra.

Upcoming: Service is all up to date. This year the car will need tires and the timing belt service, and the Tarox brakes squeal more than I had anticipated so some buyers would want to switch to OEM brake pads.

I had an extensive clearbra installed at the time of purchase covering the front end, all exterior carbon, and a bit more. I quickly added the Sector111 front mudflaps as well to help prevent road debris from hitting the door areas. It has wheel spacers mounted. I had a Eurocompulsion air intake installed early on as I’m an induction noise junkie. Later I added Rudy Gale’s front and rear suspension bushings. The rears were done first to cure the odd near-the-limit oversteer/understeer instability. The fronts were added later and in my opinion they transformed the steering feel of the car for the better. I like it better than my previous hydraulic rack Porsches - which is saying a lot!

More recently I added Girodisc brake rotors with Tarox pads and had a shop clear bra the bottom of the floor to let me remove the carpets and show off the beautiful carbon tub. In the last 1000 miles or so I added an Alfaworks ECU when they were having a big sale - sadly it didn’t do much for me.

(If you care why: At my altitude the maximum turbo boost pressure is significantly reduced because it is limited by ambient air pressure, so while the Alfaworks ECU increases torque a bit by calling for boost earlier, it doesn’t seem to increase peak power at all as the turbo’s atmospheric wastegate bled off boost pressure at WOT even before I changed the ECU - with the atmospheric wastegate the turbo has no more boost to give.)

Thanks for looking.
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And the drive across country will be memorable in it!
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And the drive across country will be memorable in it!
Come onnnn…😃👍🏻
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