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Big News!

We are tuning in house.

We are collaborating with our tuner of 20 years, Squadra Tuning to bring tuning to the US.
Squadra Tuning is the renowned and trusted Alfa Romeo tuner house in Holland. They are known for their experience, well thought-out tunes, extensive testing, innovative thinking, ethics and transparency .

Offering the highest HP numbers is not what ST does in order to sell as many tunes as possible. There is way more to it than that. Their extensive knowledge and experience results in refined drivability, a faster, stronger Alfa without compromising longevity or safety.
All of Squadra Tuning products are available through us.

For those who also own a Giulia/Stelvio:

The Performance Logger is a great addition to the Squadra Tune and works flawlessly.

* All dongles (.v2) will now be able to be upgraded through a ST portal or through us. Example: If you want to upgrade your exhaust controller to a full performance logger, we can do it now. If there is an update to any dongle it can now be done easily.
Tuning Available in December.

Squadra tuning 4C ECU tune. Tuned in the USA by Alfissimo.

In our introductory story, we usually tell something about the history of a particular model. Who the ancestor was, how the life course went about etc. etc. .. However, this is not possible with the 4C. The Alfa 4C can rightly be called a special Alfa. In all its facets, the 4C is a completely different car from what we are used to from Alfa. We can only tell you something about the name. Alfa has a rich history with the 6C, 8C and 12C models. A first derivative of this illustrious history is the 2008 Alfa 8C. The 4C was released in 2014. A special detail is that we already heard about a rear wheel drive car equipped with a TBi engine in 2009. A year before the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. It should have been a gift to its own brand at the time. Most know how it ended.

  • Developed for use with RON98 fuel.
  • Idle speed adjustment.
  • Throttle response adjustment in D position.
  • Adjustment of exhaust gas temperature strategy (limitation)
  • Adjustment thermostat control
  • Injection system type: Bosch MED17.3.3.
  • Type EPROM: Flash EEPROM.


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Looking for a few 4C owners to try Squadra Tuning. Will discount the tune for the first 2 owners. If interested let me know? Ciao
This is one of the best Alfa tuners in the Netherlands!!!! These guy's are known in the Alfa world and know their bussines.


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