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I am a newbie to the 4C but recently purchased a 2016 4C Spyder. Love it so far and appreciate the knowledge in this forum.

I removed a large spoiler as it didn’t suit me. I now have mount points with holes. Any suggestions on how to remedy the holes back to a water tight and cosmetically correct state?
My local body shop was concerned that the back hatch has flex to it and the repair may not be long lasting. Thanks all!

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There is SMC-specific "filler" another forum member posted here a LONG while back - with the right talent and care, and a pro painter that will take advantage of the "flame surfacing" going on in that specific area for a professional blending that plays accurately with the light, should be invisible and 'everlasting.

Problem I see here is the cost: maybe a perfect salvage yellow tonneau will end up being cheaper. The bolting is lego easy, and setting it in place is just makeup sponges or cardboad shims away from better than factory gapping when you tighten. If lucky, the replacement tonneau might even improve the factory gaps if your example came in closer before "expresso break".

Either way that install of the wing looks atrocious. Does anyone know about appropriate materials? Was it just the aluminum wing base direct on the smc or some run of the mill rubber cutouts that depending on temperature and lift will debris get under there anyways and blacken the paint via rubbing? Wings should 100%, every time, be at least directly bolted to rear subframe. In our case, a 3 piece wing that focuses on passing through the side wings/fenders - otherwise a gurney flap/duckbill on the tonneau will be more than enough like OEM. GMS has an excellent approach with the reshaped tonneau and 2 side pieces for a true aerodynamic effect. I hope people stop slapping on wings to hinged body panels... Maybe among the dumbest trends with donks and stick on vents (especially facing the "air brake" way!?! Older OEM mustangs looking at you).
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