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You know it.

Little story about that. We have a future subdivision site out of town...
Somebody claims to have once seen an Eastern Hognose Snake ("species at risk") on that property (it's around 100 acres). MNR is involved. We have yet to find the snake, but 4 years and some $250,000 in snake-related costs later, the site is still not developed. However, we have a fence to keep the critter out of a certain area, another fence to keep earthworks activity from encroaching on the snake's habitat, and literally a book for what to do to protect the snake - including if we find it injured to drop everything and take it to the local animal hospital - I'm being totally serious here. We call it the "snake manual" (I thought they only came with automatic!). And honestly, if we accidentally run over the sucker with an excavator or bulldozer, we can just slide him under the vet's door. Oh, and we can only work on the property outside of snake hibernation and breeding periods. Meanwhile, there are a family of bald eagles nesting in the woods there, who (if they haven't already invited him to dinner) are eying him up by now, I'm sure!

Birdie here, on the other hand, with the help of a wildlife biologist ($2,000) and a local animal rescue ($2,000 donation for his help) got a skybox and a ringside seat to some apartment construction (plus all the mice he can find). I don't want to jinx it, but so far, touch wood, the outcome has been at least as good as if it were in the wild.
Do you think that this is even remotely going to raise my brow? lol
I should probably answer the other post on what I do for a living, but suffice to say that I've worked at pretty much every level of government during the start of my career however most of my 30+ years has been in the private sector.
For the benefit of others on this board, in these parts, GOD help you if you are trying to build/develop anything in this province and you run into (or someone accuses that they saw) something on your lands like: redside dace, certain type of bird/snake, bat congregation, turtle, etc etc. as you will spend tens of thousands to million + dollars trying to mitigate the impact (perceived or not!). I am all for appropriate protection but sometimes this stuff is a tad ridiculous to say the least. How ridiculous: standing on dry land, in spring, arguing with a Federal DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) Officer that I was "Moses" and had parted the waters given that he was accusing us of not respecting the stream that was on his plan.....oh yes, these guys carry guns and have more unrestricted powers than the Police :unsure:

Like I said previously, maybe I should send you a resume hahahaaa!
Cheers, and GREAT WORK!!
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