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Top 5 video why I love my Lotus Elise (4C owner)

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Hey All, I've already published two Top 5 videos on the 4C, so I thought it was time to do one for my Lotus Elise. So if you're interested, check it out. Best, Peter

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EZ PZ, I will have to agree. I have an Elise (no supercharger), a 4C and a Porsche 718 GTS. All mid-engined. All a blast to drive. And all beloved by me.

But if I no longer had the financial means, I would keep the Elise and sell the other two.
Just curious: what would be your considerations for this decision?

Did you adapt the alignment on your 4C, and maybe also the GMS uniball rear suspension arms to improve the dynamics of the 4C? Maybe that would influence the decision?
Also curious, though I have a bit of a hypothesis…

Of those three, I’m going to assume the Elise is the one you’ve had the longest. Is that accurate?

Do you think that plays into your consideration/opinion at all? I know it would for me (whether consciously or subconsciously).
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts