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Warped Spider rear screen surround panel

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Hi all

Has anybody had this issue?

My car's a 2018 and the upper panel that closes the roll bar area has warped and is now bowed downwards.

I'm wondering how difficult it is to replace this piece and how much the part is?

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Halo sag. I brought this to attention in the link above several years ago.. Seems to be common. I believe the heat from the turbo and engine are to blame. Yours is definitely worse than mine. If you can get it reduced by playing with the bolts great. You might be able to get that part replaced with a new one but expensive and the problem will just occur again. I have been raising the engine hatch after driving to help dissipate the heat until the engine cools. Seems to have solved the problem as mine has not gotten any worse. Good luck!
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It is cosmetic and really can't be seen unless looked for. I wiuld almost suggest to take it off if you are that worried about it until you sell. Only problem with this is you now have something else you have to keep up. Don't know about others but my basement is like the Bermuda Triangle and it may never be seen again.
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